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11/8/2018- Introducing Unique Lines™ Text Hair Don't Care Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirts
- navy
Available on Unique Lines™ for retail.

Available on Unique Lines&trafe; for wholesale.

Then moving Unique Lines™ Distressed Pineapple on long sleeve ladies scoop t-shirt- VINTAGE ROYAL to page 3.
Available on Unique Lines™ for retail.

Available on Unique Lines&trafe; for wholesale.

11/8/2018- Introducing Unique Lines™ Brooklyn Script Heavy Cotton 5.3 oz. T-Shirts
Available on Unique Lines™ for retail.

Available on Unique Lines&trafe; for wholesale.

11/1/2018- Prices reduced 25% - 50% on Distressed Pineapple vintage royal Next Level® womens long-sleeve triblend really soft and light weight t-shirts.

10/29/2018- Introducing Unique Lines™ Numbered 1 Through 10, Enter Text Here Lacrosse 5.3 oz. Cotton Royal Blue T-Shirts with 12 inch Numbers. Please stay tuned.

9/25/2018- Introducing Distressed Pineapple on Next Level Ladies Triblend Long-Sleeve Scoop vintage royal t-shirts. Amongst many other designs that are soon to come. Please stay tuned.

The feminine fit triblend women's long sleeve scoop neck t-shirt. This is a perfect blend of a variety of different construction features.

First, the triblend fabric, with its mix of cotton, polyester and rayon, which makes it so soft and supple. It does require delicate ironing, if any, due to it's susceptibility to easily scorch under high temperatures. This facric does compliment the nice curves of the female body.

I would deem this product for petite status. Due to its form fit.

If #You aren't sure of a fit, then upon special request we will take half off of the second shirt for use as a gift or donation. Or, we'll pay for the return postage.

Second, the scoop neck offers a very sophisticated feminine allure. Complimenting the neck line in all of its delicate fashion.

Thank You for your time.
Stay Blessed.

Symbolism of the Pineapple: A symbol of greeting of being welcomed. Other symbolic meanings attributed are; warmth, friendship, hospitality and good luck.

RETAIL: (vintage royal)
RETAIL distressed pineapple vintage royal 6731 Next Level triblend t-shirts
WHOLESALE: (vintage royal)
WHOLESALE distressed pineapple vintage royal 6731 Next Level triblend t-shirts
Distressed pineapple vintage royal 6731 Next Level triblend t-shirts on Amazon for sale.
#pineapple, #DistressedPineapple, #uniquelines Thank #You for checking in with us.

9/10/2018- I had to adjust my base and 1920 style sheets. As I added Progress Pics™ I noticed that the border: 2px solid #ABCDEF that framed div class="SLIDEpanels" wasn't following my code specifications. Sometimes I wonder if They do this on purpose. I cleared the cache to no avail. So, I've eliminated this border. I also eliminated it from all of my #columnContainers.

1. omitting-border-2px-solid-7DBBFA-from-all-columnContainers

2. omitting-border-2px-solid-7DBBFA-from-all-columnContainers_styles-CSS

7/16/2018- 'Hustle Hard Money Knot' (preferably a back design, but could be a front design, as well) Progress Screenshots™:

1. hustle_hard_money_knot_progress-2_7-5-2018.jpg

2. hustle_hard_money_knot_progress-3_7-6-2018.jpg

3. hustle_hard_money_knot_progress_7-2-2018.PNG

4. hustle_hard_money_knot_progress_7-2-2018.jpg

7/16/2018- 'Hustler Institute™' Progress Screenshots™:

1. collage_of_hustler_institute_film_positives_7-8-2018.JPG

2. hustler_institute_burnt_screen_7-9-2018.JPG

3. hustler_institute_burnt_screen_on_press_7-15-2018.JPG

4. hustler_institute_progress-2_snapshot_6-28-2018.png

5. hustler_institute_progress_snapshot_6-28-2018.jpg

6. hustler_institute_screen_progress_snapshot_7-12-2018.jpg

7. hustler_institute_script_progress_snapshot_6-29-2018.jpg 8. hustler_institute_testing_colors_for_sand_t-shirt_progress_snapshot_7-16-2018.jpg

9. hustler_institute_testing_colors_progress_snapshot_7-16-2018.jpg

3/21/2018- We've been out of commmision lately due to the conversion of many of our web pages to the latest security 'HTTPS' platform. While we have just a few more
pages requiring this conversion, we will now begin to listing new products. Thank you for your patience in our need to perform under a more securitized platform.

3/21/2018- Introduction of our latest recommendations of some of the best and most unique water bottles.

3/12/2018- Updates will happen more frequently. New designs, lower pricing and quicker turnaround. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Check out our latest page inspired by a snowboarder's dance with death. We are chatting about fear...or lack thereof.

2/5/2018- While we are in no way legally connected with Amazon® , in order to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience online, we invite You to check out our recommendations, organized in lists.

Click here to visit our referral page on Amazon®

Help finance our mission to provide nothing but the best unique lines to the #matrix by making your purchases whether on our site or from our Amazon® referral page. We thank You in advance.

2/1/2015- How about a mission statement? Unique Lines™ is a designing company. Besides being screen printers and graphic designers, we also abide by the following traits;

We put not only our customers first, but our country, our society and our futures. For these reasons, we're not ashamed to put our principals out there for the world to witness. With a little investigating you'll #Know one thing, and that's the fact that we're God fearing men and women.

We love our country and will never try to not uplift it in anyway. For we #Believe that this wouldn't be prudent behavior conducive to our #SocialNetworkDestiny.

1/31/2015- #Yeah #WakeUp #GoGetIt #DontBeTheSheep #Godspeed.

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Designs organized by themes:

Unique lines of water bottles.

Unique lines related to fear/ no fear/ fearless.

Archived Designs

Designs are in alphabetical order.

Please bookmark this website for it is constantly a work in progress. We'll be updating it quite regularly with new designs and product.

Welcome to our always changing #World.

Here you will find designer wear, blanks, wholesale goods and, of course, retail products.

With any of our designs, you'll have a choice to buy them retail (one or a few pieces) or wholesale at a 12 piece minimum.

If you've like us to do a custom design for you, please take the time to view our catalog and send us your design idea or logo.

One of our staff will contact you with a price and we'll set up your private web page for easy viewing and ordering.
Please allow 3 - 4 weeks from conception to delivery.

Our latest #UniqueBaseball designs.

Our latest #UniqueReligious designs.

Archived Custom Template Ideas & Proposals - Click here

Blanks By Category

This page is a work in progress. Please please bookmark this page to check in from time to time. Thank you. Styles will be in alphabetical order.

Unique Lines™ Changing the world, one line of #CODE, one line of text and one line of unique apparel at a time. #unique #UniqueLines, #ChangeYourWorld

Unique Lines™ Text Hair Don't Care Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirts - navy

  • Price: $6.12 ea. - $16.64 ea. - when purchased wholesale on Unique Lines™.
  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Seamless rib at neck
  • Taped shoulder-to-shoulder
  • Double-needle stitching throughout
  • unique successful sales design
  • Sizes: S - 5XL
  • Color: navy
  • Available on Unique Lines™.

  • Available for WHOLESALE.

"Left Handed But I'm Always Right" ash grey

Unique Lines™ Brooklyn Script Heavy Cotton 5.3 oz. T-Shirts - SPORT GREY

Augusta® Ladies' Wide Waist Brushed Back Polyester/Spandex Black Pants

  • Price Range: $32.35 - 37.43 - when purchased wholesale or retail on Unique Lines™.
  • Soft brushed back poly/spandex knit offers 4-way stretch.
  • Wicks moisture away from the body.
  • Ladies' fit.
  • Wide flat waistband for secure fit and comfort.
  • Low rise.
  • Slim fit through thigh opens up to a moderate flair starting at the knee.
  • Sizes: XS - 2XL
  • Color: BLACK
  • Available on Unique Lines™.

  • Available for WHOLESALE.

Numbered Custom Screen Printed Lacrosse Cotton Royal Blue T-Shirts

It's the Quality of Your Rituals™ ECO TRUE NAVY

Cheer Mommy t-shirts - Carolina blue

  • Price range: $15.28 ea. - $16.40 ea. - when purchased retail on Unique Lines™ via PayPal®.
  • 100% polyester jersey knit
  • heat transfer label
  • AquaFX® Wicking Properties
  • Freshcare® Anti-Microbial Properties
  • double-needle hemmed ?" sleeves and bottom hem
  • rib knit ?" collar (no topstitch)
  • Sizes: XS - 2XL
  • Color: Carolina blue
  • Buy retail.
  • Buy wholesale.
  • Not available on Amazon®

  • Not available on Shopify®

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