Unique Lines ™ General Screen Printing Policies

Information regarding the use of our embroidery or screen printing services.

We have been following the exact same protocol for many years and we believe that it has been an integral part of our success. We will lay it out here with the implementation of our Private Web Page ™ , hopefully we'll be following it exactly how it's written, every time, to guarantee our repeated future success. While we'll remain open minded for any suggestions, we reserve the right to make changes at anytime to any of our policies without notice.
The protocols are as follows;

Custom Screen Printing

  1. First, we'll set up your Private Web Page Interface ™. If you're not one of the lucky ones who have been simply given an introductory page, then you'll have to request one via e-mail (our company's e-mail is lennymayers@uniquelines.net). Use this e-mail address to send us your sketch or design idea with your order (ie. product and sizes). Due to the popularity of this feature we may have to put you on a short waiting list while one of our artists are freed up to assist you. You shouldn't have to wait any longer than a week. If things get too busy and there is a definite need for your order to be done quickly, paying a $100 - 150 rush charge may bump you up the list a bit. After acceptance, you'll then receive your private page's URL via text or e-mail. It can be changed at anytime or resent to you if you lose it or it's been compromised. Please allow a week or two for us to prepare your page. Free pages may take a while longer. Especially if there is a long waiting list. Please utilize this time by providing us as much valuable information about your order.
  2. Click our catalog link to begin your search for the perfect product to design on for your designer line, church group or family reunion. The prices in the online catalog are geared for single item purchases. We may be able to give you better pricing when we find out more about your order.
    We use one of the largest suppliers in the U.S., so you shouldn't have any difficulty finding the right product(s) that you'll need. If your artwork is simple, then we'll waive the art fee and begin production of renditions to place on your private page with PayPal ™ buttons of our account. If your artwork is of the multicolored or highly detailed variety, then we'll create it, place it alongside the simpler rendition, place our PayPal ™ button under it and give you the option to buy it. You see, there will never be any obligation, however, our artists will always present to you proposals at incredibly decent prices with offers to make money that you will find hard to turn down. Yet, there will never be any guarantee that you will ever make any money. But if you do, the entrepreneural spirit will begin to rule.
  3. Depending on the complexity of the art or line of products to design, it may take between a week to a few months before we can list renditions with buy buttons on your page. We will constantly keep you informed with updates via your page. All of your most important information will be made available via your private page (ie. artwork due date, product due date and tracking information upon delivery).
  4. If ever you are selected or there is an agreement to design retail pages for you. Only your private page will be linked to them, not the other way around. As far as the costs, whose buttons of whose PayPal ™ will be used and who will be taking possession of your inventory and shipping, as for who will get what and how much, we are still researching the best approach. We welcome any suggestions. There is an old saying, "The devil is in the details."
  5. After your artwork has been listed on your private page and approved by you, all it will take is for you to purchase your order online and production will commence. Please allow at least two weeks for production. Our skilled screen printers and embroiderers are highly skilled with no less than 20 years experience. At times, we'll post production pictures and video of your order in production.
  6. Upon completion, you will receive a tracking number and updates of shipping information.
  7. All of the latest technology will be made available to produce an excellent product for your firm, to assist in the necessary communication between you and us regardless of where you are and the moving of your product to the marketplace and beyond as quickly as possible. All we have to negotiate, is how the money will be split up. All negotiations will remain fluid and flexible and all possibilities of creating capital will be open for discussion.
  8. No refunds of any of the art charges or printed garments, after approval, of your artwork, will be given. Confirmation of your approval for your order will be kept via e-mail, text or chat in your folder.
  9. While the artwork will be yours to keep and take with you, our screens of which your art was 'burned' on will always remain in our possession.
  10. If we print on your garments, a 3% error rate will apply so we ask that you please order extra pieces just in case.

Unique Lines Retail Page ™ Disclaimer

Important information on our retail policies

Customer satisfaction is our 100% priority. However, in this day in age when stores are giving away everything but the kitchen sink even if it hurts their bottom line, one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to know that competition is incredibly fierce. Monolithic monopolistic corporations are slapping designs together and undercutting everyone in the marketplace. We know that a unique approach to designing, to printing, to marketing and to retailing will be the only survival technique at hand. The politicians and our government have sold out the American entrepreneur. Well, that's enough ranting for now.
To add (I'm not done yet) we believe that a new system will have to be implemented in order for us all to survive. But not at the detriment of the source of our American economy, the small business.
This section here, you may have to keep coming back to for we don't quite know how the details will stick. But this much we do know;

  1. We can't accept any ideas from you for any of our lines of products. But if we find true uniqueness in your product, then we may offer you the opportunity to sell your products via your own retail pages.
  2. For now, if the idea of offering you retail solutions becomes reality, then we will provide you with as much legal protection as possible concerning the trademark and copyright of your product. All symbols and badges will be displayed prominently on everyone of your pages.
  3. We'll only offer you the retail pages for as long as we're doing the screen printing and/or embroidery.
  4. To insure your customers the best possible customer service, we ask that you keep a decent inventory of product in stock. We'll keep all of your product and do all of the shipping for you for a small percentage of your sales.
  5. Bi-weekly we'll transfer the income from your sales to your PayPal ™ account. We'll keep detailed records of your sales on your Private Web Page ™ .
  6. None of your sales income will be used to re-supply your inventory. We will post the minimum order required to re-supply your inventory on your private page. It is understood that you will never let your inventory get below six pieces per each size per each design. If your inventory isn't re-supplied within a week (7 days after we notify you), then that particular product will be temporarily taken from your page or an "out of stock" statement will be placed under it.

We're still working out the details here so changes and adjustments may be in order without notice at anytime.

Unique Lines ™ General Privacy Disclaimer

Information regarding your information and how we'll treat it.

We will absolutely never, ever share any of your private information with anyone. Repeat. No one, at Unique Lines ™ will ever receive any of your private information. We use PayPal ™ for our transactions. Our website is safely hosted by Yahoo ™ , a prominent and safe internet company of the web community. We will never do anything to jeopardize our business relationship, you have our word, for we value your business and your patronage. If you see anything listed in our policies that you don't understand or agree with, please don't hesitate to contact us about your concerns.

Unique Lines ™ Private Web Page ™ Disclaimer

Important information concerning your Private Web Page ™

When using or having access to your Private Web Page, please keep in mind that Unique Lines ™ as a company, the company's investors, employees and/or family members shall not be held liable for any damages that may arise from the our Private Web Pages ™ or any pages that may be attached, including Amazon®, being compromised by anyone stealing any information or being misinformed from incorrect pricing or any other information or from the pages being shut down for reason whatsoever.

While we'll make every attempt to keep the contents and the URL of your private page, we cannot control a breach of security made by you, your family, associates or employees. So we suggest that you keep your URL in a safe location and only share it with trusted individuals. We suggest that you establish an LLC and purchase liability insurance for greater protection or piece of mind. We also advise you to file for trademark and copyright protection of your logo(s) and design(s).

With over 20 years of experience and professionalism, we have never broken the unspoken code of screen printing etiquette. This would be, to never disclose, copy or distribute, without permission, any designs of any of any clients. If, at anytime, our business relationships with our clients are cut short, then we will release their artwork to them electronically in a file format that we see fit, preferably JPEG, if the artwork is all paid in full. However, the screens are ours and it is customary and goes without saying that the screens will be reclaimed with all designs in question erased. The screen charge is merely to pay for the service of creating the stencil in the screen and not the screen itself.

Your Private Web Page ™ is merely to provide a convenient one-on-one means of communication with our company representatives concerning the potential to create orders for you to place at any time from any electronic device. It is for marketing and transaction purposes only, that hold you entirely independent of our organization. You won't represent us and we won't represent you. You won't work for us and we don't work for you. We are entirely independent of every Private Web Page ™ that we establish for the public. So we are not to be held responsible for any actions that anyone does on his or her Private Web Page ™ or any attached pages. We only offer these pages as a free service to promote our screen printing and web development services.

We at Unique Lines ™ , our partners and/or associates shall not be held liable for any damages or liabilities that may arise from any problems or glitches in our computer code, incorrect information or incorrect pricing of any of your products or our services in any of your pages that may result in the loss of income or damages of any kind. Even though we'll be in constant contact with you and have many procedures to try and eliminate errors and mistakes, you use our services and our web pages at your own risk.

Due to any unforeseen situations or problems that may occur, we reserve the right to terminate our services with any of our clients, at any time. This means the deletion of any code or products and any Private Web Page ™ or Retail Page. This also means the shutting down of any Private Web Page ™ without notice. We also reserve the right to make any changes to any information and/or prices or costs on any web page without any liabilities related to any damages or loss of sales related to such action made by us, therefore, we shall not be held responsible, in any way.

All web pages, their code, all designs, of ours and our clients shall be protected by regional and international copyright and trademark laws made available to "dated original first to the marketplace designs" and/or products. All rights are reserved. While we aren't legal partners and are not sharing liabilities and/or responsibilities, we feel, that the best approach for our new economic model of this design cultural co-op, would be to establish contracts along the way and to be as completely transparent as possible. All agreements shall be held binding in any court of law. If there are any disagreements, then they shall be as fairly arbitrated as possible using an agreed upon third party. We are God fearing folk and we aren't greedy, so you can rest assure that you will be treated fairly and kept in good hands, at all times as if you were family. Our word is bond, for without our word we have nothing.

At no time, are we making any claim that you will gain employment with us, our associates or any of our partners. We are not making any claim that you will even benefit financially with any interaction with us or our company or our Private Web Page ™. We will not be held responsible for any loss of income or employment in regards to your usage of our services and/or Private Web Page ™. So now that we have laid out the ground rules, shall we design and have some fun? If we're lucky, and we make no promises or any claim, we'll make a little cash. #Godspeed, to us.