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3/28/2017- With the introduction of an incomplete Home Page, we'll begin to show You how we'll be screen printing for the public.

3/11/2017- Thank #You for paying #US a visit. New designs will definitely ensue...(3)soon. #Godspeed.

12/28/2016- Hello. Thank
#You for checking in on us. We are here to give #You lines.......(7). Many lines of thought, of product and of CODE. Please bookmark #US for here is where very unique product will be constantly posted.

10/1/2016- Welcoming #You to a #UniqueNetwork, a new look, towards #SocialNetworkDestiny.

Check back here for a #unique approach at a #BlogOfADesigner - #UniqueLines @uniquelines . 2/1/2015- How about a mission statement? Unique Lines™ is a designing company. Besides being screen printers and graphic designers, we also abide by the following traits;

We put not only our customers first, but our country, our society and our futures. For these reasons, we're not ashamed to put our principals out there for the world to witness. With a little investigating you'll #Know one thing, and that's the fact that we're God fearing men and women.

We love our country and will never try to not uplift it in anyway. For we #Believe that this wouldn't be prudent behavior conducive to our #SocialNetworkDestiny.

1/31/2015- #Yeah #WakeUp #GoGetIt #DontBeTheSheep #Godspeed.

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Please bookmark this website for it is constantly a work in progress. We'll be updating it quite regularly with new designs and product.

Welcome to our always changing#World.
Here you will find designer wear, blanks, wholesale goods and, of course, retail products.
With any of our designs, you'll have a choice to buy them retail (one or a few pieces) or wholesale at a 12 piece minimum.
If you've like us to do a custom design for you, please take the time to view our catalog and send us your design idea or logo.
One of our staff will contact you with a price and we'll set up your private web page for easy viewing and ordering.
Please allow 3 - 4 weeks from conception to delivery.

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Unique Lines™ Changing the world, one line of #CODE, one line of text and one line of unique apparel at a time. #unique #UniqueLines, #ChangeYourWorld

Unofficial Navy Retirement Uniform - navy

  • Price range: $12.24 ea. - $16.54 ea. - when purchased retail or wholesale on Unique Lines™
  • 100% polyester jersey knit no-snag fabric
  • heat transfer label
  • AquaFX® Wicking Properties
  • Freshcare® Anti-Microbial Properties
  • double-needle hemmed ?" sleeves and bottom hem
  • rib knit ?" collar (no topstitch)
  • Sizes: XS - 2XL
  • Color: navy
  • Buy retail.
  • Buy wholesale.
  • Not available on Amazon®

  • Not available on Shopify®

"I May Be Left Handed But I'm Always Right" ash grey

It's the Quality of Your Rituals™ ECO TRUE NAVY

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